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VellahTech has an attractive graphic design approach. We love to make things work for our clients. This is the place where intelligence meets imagination…In our work, we combine research, creativity, and strategy to create an authentic product in the online environment. We strive to create lasting relationships with our clients through strong communication and hard work. When we start a new project, we throw ourselves onto it 110% and do our best to make an early

Our design process is straight forward with regards to your logo design:

What is Branding and how will it increase sales or profit”

Branding is not the “sizzle$ on your company’s “steak. It is the source, cut, quality, freshness, colour, aroma, price, preparation and presentation of your “steak.

Branding is how people understand and develop a relationship with your company’s personality, services and/or products. Branding is about your identity as a company. What you stand for. how you work what you sell. Whether you keep your promises and fulfil the expectations you create. People who know, understand and like your brand’s personality choose your brand over another brand. That competitive edge is what builds sales and profitability

We can assist you in designing a memorable and likeable brand.

Making people aware of the importance of your business is often a challenge, so we can help you get the right message out with the smart, creative design.

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Our brand expertise are ready to help!

We understand why your brand name matters to your business and once we understand the philosophy of your company’s background and tone, we can get started on some creative designs

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